Friday, July 27, 2007

3 countries in 2 days

i'll let grant write his own post on what life has been like for us lately, but i thought i'd start!

today is july 27... which means we've been married for 13 days.

the wedding was fantastic. someday, i'll figure out how to put pictures online, since i don't currently have my own computer yet, nor do i have professional photos... and all our non-professional photos are on cd's packed in suitcases. however, if you're a facebooker, check out our profiles, and click on the "more pictures" link to see a bunch courtesy of lindsey muntz, william campbell, carrie waterman, and gina leon.

monday morning the 16th, our saint kim sawusch got us to the airport in time for our 5:30 flight. the flight to costa rica was smooth, and so worth every penny.

-an awesome resort and pools and scenery overlooking the bay at playa hermosa
-having our own kitchen to cook whenever we wanted
-days on the beach
-renting a car and exploring
-a beach massage
-an adventure tour including ziplining in the canopy, the longest waterslide in costa rica, horseback riding, and a volcanic spa in the middle of the jungle - thermal springs, volcanic mud, steam room... sweet.
-hanging out with megan nelson and meghan number 2 from minnesota

and very much more, but that's at least a start!

we arrived back in the states on monday night the 23rd, and we had a surprise meeting with my parents! steven wilco and kim sawusch picked us up and drove us back to kim's house, where we spent the night, and where we had left our suitcases. we spent the evening (or late night) telling stories and visiting with my parents, steven and kim, and grant's mom and scott.
tuesday morning came, and we were back to the airport at 8 am to check in our bags... 5 suitcases, 2 of which were overweight...and we didn't get charged for any of it!

the 16 hour flight passed relatively quickly. i suppose i spent the first 6 hours reading harry potter though! on the flight, we also met several new teachers and their families. we arrived in hong kong at about 4 pm on wednesday afternoon and were greeted by some ics folks who escorted us to our hotel.

since then, we've obtained our temporary hong kong id cards, had some great chinese food, opened a bank account, and begun flat hunting. this may prove to be more difficult than anticipated, at least in finding a place that splits the difference well, and that is available. prayers are most appreciated in this department!

i'm excited to get out of a hotel room, and actually feel stable here.

this weekend, we're heading to union church ( to meet people that i'll be working with and spending time with in the next few years. should be good!

the jet lag is almost over.... but not quite!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

3 days.... or 2 weeks

welcome to the exploits of us :-)

hopefully, we'll post fairly regularly as our lives unfold wherever on this wide globe God takes us.

for now, we have 3 days until the first life-shattering event takes place : marriage!
and 2 weeks from today, we will be arriving in Hong Kong for the first time to experience the start of our life together!

love- kristin