Thursday, September 27, 2007

just some general posts on awesome things in life right now

since we haven't put much up here, here's just an information post...

some great things that have been happening -
*last week, ICS took their middle school students to camp, and i was privileged to be their speaker for their sessions. in between time though, i was free to hang out with them and get to know them for 3 days. it was a blast to be outdoors for three days in a COMPLETELY different part of hong kong, hanging out with middle school students, and being able to see the ministry of the ICS teachers at work. the talks went alright, though i was incredibly nervous!

*i love ultimate frisbee, and i'm completely obsessed. grant and i have been playing regularly in the league as we mentioned, and last night was just another great night. we played a long game against the previously unbeaten team. we were down 7-8 at the half, and scored the next 6 points after half until the lights went out. it was a fantastic, tough, and good spirited game. then (as has become routine for us) we went out with some people for a beer, appetizers, and peanut shell throwing fun.

*for mid-autumn festival, one of the ICS parents invited a bunch of the teachers over, so it was awesome (for me) to be able to see some of those folks again and hang out with them more.

*yesterday we took a group of 25 or so kayaking - mostly teens though some parents came as well. it seemed like the kids enjoyed themselves, and no one drowned!

*grant is rocking my world this week as my substitute for youth stuff as i leave for the philippines. there's a group of 4 adults going on the trip, though they'd been hoping for some youth. however, we're going again in a few weeks, so this will be a good chance to scout some things out i suppose. you can pray for me, that i can have a good attitude for the next 5 days. as i've not had one to this point!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

we made it into the hong kong newspaper!

hello everyone!

kristin and i have been playing ultimate frisbee in HK, and we joined a league that meets on wednesdays and sundays. one wednesday, a journalist showed up on the pitch and started to interview players. kristin was interviewed and a quote made it into the south china morning post, a big english paper in HK. i was pictured on the front page of the section!

some people were also interviewed on video. you can watch that and see kristin and i in the background. click the link below...

if that doesn't work,
go to
click the "life" tab
the title of the video is "the ultimate sport in hong kong"

happy viewing!
grant (and kristin)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

the amazing stupidity of kristin franke :-)

hopefully this is the right picture.
i had a pair of tevas that were this style, though bright green. i only bought them in march, and they've been quite good to me.

saturday, grant and i did a shopping day. he got cleats, we both got books, i got distracted by a few clothes, and i got the hardcore tevas. something like this:

so...i was excited and the busride home was taking a long time due to traffic. so i changed my shoes on the bus. took the new tevas out, put the old tevas back in the shoebox... very nice

when we got home, grant and i started going through our purchases, putting them away, making piles of trash (shoeboxes, plastic bags, etc). so i gave him the bag with my shoebox and told him it was trash.

i should have known...

today i went looking for my old tevas to no dawned on me that they'd hit the refuse chute, LONG GONE.


Friday, September 7, 2007

some captions

blogger on the macbook wasn't being too nice to me, and so i'm going to add the captions here.

our flat... 560 square feet (or so). the second bedroom is a bit more cleaned up as we've stored suitcases, and thrown away the tv box and replaced it with an actual desk.

there's a shipping yard near us. i thought of my brothers and how they'd think that was cool.

i take a ferry to work regularly... see the ferry.

and while i'm on a ferry, i often see those cute fishing boats hanging out.

i think that about covers it :-D

home sweet home!

i finally took some pictures of our flat, though a few things have changed in the past week since i did it, the pictures are pretty accurate!