Sunday, September 23, 2007

we made it into the hong kong newspaper!

hello everyone!

kristin and i have been playing ultimate frisbee in HK, and we joined a league that meets on wednesdays and sundays. one wednesday, a journalist showed up on the pitch and started to interview players. kristin was interviewed and a quote made it into the south china morning post, a big english paper in HK. i was pictured on the front page of the section!

some people were also interviewed on video. you can watch that and see kristin and i in the background. click the link below...

if that doesn't work,
go to
click the "life" tab
the title of the video is "the ultimate sport in hong kong"

happy viewing!
grant (and kristin)

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mamafranke said...

Loved the video, hope you saved the paper for me to see