Thursday, April 3, 2008

the wonders of cambodia

we spent 6 days in cambodia, 3 in phnom penh, and 3 in siem reap (near angkor wat).  

the first half of the trip was to scout the mission trip that we're taking the youth on this summer.  we were able to visit the genocide museum (haunting), and then drive out to the orphanage where we'll be helping paint.

the second half was pure enjoyment :-D

i feel like the Angkor kingdom is one you never hear about in western history - it was big, but not necessarily big enough to learn about.  anyways, they left these massive ruins and temples.  only gods could live in stone and bricks, so there's no buildings left from everyday life.  

for once, grant and i took lots of pictures.  over 400 to be precise.  so, i'm not going to load them into blogger, because it takes FOREVER!!   instead, here's the links to the facebook albums (which are quicker when connected through iphoto! :-D)