Thursday, September 4, 2008

singapore: mud, food, and frisbee

we went to singapore last weekend for a tournament. i'd say it was probably one of my favorite tournaments this year. we played fairly well as a team, won more games than we lost (4-3), finished 5th (per usual), and had a good time. less anxiety and tensions overall :-) the first day we won our first and last game, which put us 3rd in our pool going into Sunday. this meant sleeping in and getting a first round bye! we won our pre-quarters game, and then lost a close quarterfinals game :-( that was the most frustrating game, by far.

grant had an amazing tournament - great defense, lots of blocks, lots of layouts, and great cuts. oh, and a great huck to the endzone for a score!

my play wasn't spectacular or terrible. i was happy (overally) with how i played, minus a few stupid drops. we played a lot of zone o and d. zone d is super tiring, and somehow i end up in the cup a lot which runs the most... on o, i handled a lot, and i don't think i really turned it over in a zone as handler, so that was good, right? :-)

food in singapore is so good. the fields were across the street from a hawker market: cooked food stalls with singaporean, chinese, indian, sri lankan, and more for REALLY cheap prices. then, saturday night, lily and jon invited us to go with them to chinatown for food (we skipped the party... oops :-P) basically there were two streets that were nothing but food stands, so we ate our way down the row! good times. lily has all those pictures on her camera... (if you read this, i want those!)

but here are a few pictures from the second day of the tournament:

*i'm not altogether certain what grant's doing in that picture

*can you find the feet under the mud? tough, i know.