Thursday, December 3, 2009

camping out... in the living room

Greetings followers of the Franke blog!

Today was a sunny, warm day in December, and I just went for a 2-mile run with Kristin. It was the first time since my knee operation that I was able to actually RUN! It felt great. I remember just after my surgery in September how I thought I'd never be able to move my left leg freely again. However, with each week, there seems to be subtle improvement, and I'm slowly progressing. In hindsight, I can more clearly see why the doctor and all other torn-ACL-friends say it's a long road to recovery, but I should have hope for a full return.

But that's not exactly what I wanted to tell you.

I really just wanted to say that Kristin and I have been sleeping in our living room since Halloween. Yep. We moved the mattress from our bedroom into the living room, and we've been camping ever since. There was no reason for it, just an adventure. However, I think we're realizing that it also means we haven't had people over to our place in over a month. It would be nice to host again and welcome back our friends' laughter to 11/G. Adventures are fun, but eventually they have to end so that you can start a new one.