Sunday, September 16, 2007

the amazing stupidity of kristin franke :-)

hopefully this is the right picture.
i had a pair of tevas that were this style, though bright green. i only bought them in march, and they've been quite good to me.

saturday, grant and i did a shopping day. he got cleats, we both got books, i got distracted by a few clothes, and i got the hardcore tevas. something like this:

so...i was excited and the busride home was taking a long time due to traffic. so i changed my shoes on the bus. took the new tevas out, put the old tevas back in the shoebox... very nice

when we got home, grant and i started going through our purchases, putting them away, making piles of trash (shoeboxes, plastic bags, etc). so i gave him the bag with my shoebox and told him it was trash.

i should have known...

today i went looking for my old tevas to no dawned on me that they'd hit the refuse chute, LONG GONE.


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kari said...

awww. that stinks so bad! i really liked those flip flops