Saturday, November 10, 2007

frisbee tournament pictures from janice

as i promised, a few pictures from the tournament. these are from janice's camera - i took a few, and she took the rest. not as many action shots, but they're hard to catch

aww.... it's a frisbee couple!

grant, paulie, toby, and guy. paulie and guy were fantastic captains for the star fairies, and guy does a great job with white team during the league!

the star fairies!

Junk huddle

Kenny and Grant have secret handshakes

kristin on defense

our junk captain calling a play against singapore

this is when paulie (the star fairies captain) and tim (the junk captain) got in a fight about rules and started yelling at each other in the middle of the HK showdown between our two teams.... it was awkward....


lily said...

i just realized you got married on my birthday! good choice.

Dan said...

Hey guys, just got in from dragging poor Michele to an indoor soccer game. Your exploits keeps old farts going.

Uncle Dan