Saturday, February 2, 2008


sorry it's been awhile! grant started a post after vietnam, but blogger wasn't working too well, so it never got posted (perhaps it will come another day). until then, here's a photoblog of our trip to Vietnam and the tournament, some January fun, and Steven's visit and our daytrip to Macau :-)

grant and the fruit shakes - he averaged 2-3 a day... not a huge expense at $.60 each!

a plane from the vietnam war

on the boat tour with our cool hats :-)

the tiny cu chi tunnels. the village of cu chi was near saigon, and the communist army built these tunnels to hide and fight the south. very interesting!

our royal blue team at the hat tournament... too bad we lost a lot!

however, grant scored the most points of anyone in the tournament!

teena lee, the sister of an ICS teacher, came to visit!!

a cathedral and art museum in macau

Jesus was put in a box!!

grant, me and steven in front of the st. paul's ruins. once a nice church and school, there was a fire, leaving only the stone facade.

in macau, i guess they think you can make your pets use one toilet only.

a close up of the sign

look! we're in venice! Or, a few thousand miles away...the venetian casino in macau is THE place to go right now, so we did too!

massage chairs at the ferry terminal! that's what i like to see...

at a pub in HK, watching the AFC playoff games... think he can fit it in his mouth? yes he can!

It's been freezing in Hong Kong - and you might laugh, but it's true. the temps have barely gone over 50 in the past two weeks, and it's been drizzly and misty and gray. oh, and there's not great heat in any building, so space heaters are our best friends. however, i love walking through hong kong park, because they've planted loads of flowers!! beautiful warmth in the middle of the dreariness. I also get a kick out of laughing at all the people getting their wedding portraits done - a pitying, "boy i'm glad i'm not you" kind of laugh...

so, this week, it's chinese new year - the biggest holiday here. someone said, "it's like thanksgiving and christmas rolled into one." we decided to head somewhere warm with some of the other teachers... boracay, here we come! (white beaches, snorkeling... i'm excited)


Anonymous said...

Freezing cold? FREEZING COLD?

The temp was 23 below zero here when I woke up on Wednesday morning.

Happy Groundhog's Day from your favorite Minnesotan runner. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay a new post! I love the pictures--looks like you guys are having a great time.

But I'm with the anonymous poster above. It's Sunday now and again below zero. So. Much. Fun.

Miss you guys!