Monday, May 26, 2008

michelle's visit

michelle (my sister) came to visit for about 10 days.  she just left today :-/  so i'm taking the opportunity to use all her photos that she uploaded on our computer and post them on here!

we ate dim sum, sushi, mongolian barbecue, and cheap cantonese food
rode the tram to the peak
shopped in the markets
hiked to a beach in sai kung
went to another beach and took a junk boat back to the harbour for the light show.
played ultimate
went to museums (it rained a lot)
took a cruise with grant's 8th graders
watched indiana jones, enchanted, and juno
played a lot of guitar hero
taught michelle cribbage

see what you're missing?  i know you want to visit now!!

Photos in non-chronological order:

**Grant likes Indiana Jones
**On the ferry after hiking to the beach and back

**Out in Sai Kung
**Grant fights Bruce Lee
**Such cute sisters
**There was a comic book exhibition

**under the fountain at HK park
**The Peak Tram
**Waiting for a table at Sushi One.  It's a Lily sandwich!

**Big Buddha
**Grant likes Indiana Jones


Jeff Haanen said...


Good to talk to you the other day. And good to see that you're enjoying your time in the far east. Maybe I'll make it to Hong Kong before you leave the country. There's like good conversations with old friends...

Check out my blog!

Jeff Haanen said...

Check that last sentence: "There's NOTHING like good conversations with old friends." You know what I mean...