Tuesday, October 14, 2008

september recap

wow, it's been a long time since we posted.

blank blog pages have started becoming a source of writer's block for me.  looking at the blank entry, i feel a need to write something exciting, profound, unusual, unique.  in truth, life feels fairly normal right now.  though, normal is go-go-go.  we've had a lot going on in the past month.  youth group kicked off at the beginning of september with messy games and a junk trip on friday-saturday.
that Sunday, there was a beach hat tournament for frisbee.  i played as a pick-up after church was done, and grant captained team fluorescent yellow:
the next weekend, there was a public holiday, and grant volunteered his time to help me with a youth ultimate tournament for kids at our church and around other churches and schools.

just when things seemed they would get calm for me, grant was in the throes of planning middle school camp.  200 students plus faculty and adults!!  oh, and it had to be replanned twice because a typhoon came through, cancelling school.  of course.
here's a picture of grant in his fat suit:
the other big event of september was "super 'stache september."  grant and a bunch of other teachers decided to have a moustache contest.   they grew beards, goatees, etc, until the one monday when they had to shave them into a moustache for people to vote on the best one.  (we used mascara to darken grant's).  grant landed somewhere in the middle.  here's a picture of the moustachioed men.  
i think those are basically the highlights of september.  we had a few typhoons, lots of frisbee, and general life.  the next few months don't look any slower either.  this weekend will be the "Love Actually V" retreat - an annual HK youth retreat for high schoolers talking about dating, relationships, and purity.  next weekend is the hong kong tournament.  the day after, i visit the states for a week for a conference.  mid-november will bring grant's school service trip to indonesia (and i'll be a chaperone).  then a few days later, kathy and scott visit!!  
don't expect lots of posts anytime soon :-)  sorry we've been so slow!

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