Thursday, November 6, 2008

pictures to come...

i went to the US for a week and left my camera in Hong Kong... go figure. i'm relying on family and friends to give me their pictures, and i need to upload a few off my phone.
quick highlights:
*playing cards with the siblings
*being amazed at how grown up they all are
*kim driving 6 hours round trip to hang out
*dinner with the zpc ladies and lindsey d, aka lindsey muntz (i can't not call you that!)
*coffee at the malott home
*sunrises, driving, music, long conversations
*coffee with steven wilco, the coolest ever
*the conference: well done youthspecialties. margaret feinberg is my new fave, audio adrenaline reclaimed a place of love in my music fan-dom, and my motivation and inspiration for reaching out to kids and wanting them to experience the transformation of the Lord
*a campfire, hotdogs, and s'mores at the larew home
*watching a colts game - i do love american football, it's true
*getting a free book by meeting an author at the airport
*making all my connections in both directions and having no problems with the airlines!!
*getting home and seeing grant
it was a beautiful, relaxing, amazing trip, and it was easy to slip back into normalcy of the US - being at home with my family, and driving around and going to a conference with joy. conversations came easily with people i haven't seen in over a year (or longer!), and i was encouraged just by seeing people and talking about life, marriage, work, faith. yet, at the end of the week, at the airport with joy, i was excited to be getting back on the plane. i had a husband to see, a ministry to work on, kids to love, and frisbee to play. some of my heart will forever be in the USofA, but my home truly is in Hong Kong.

grant and i leave for indonesia on monday - pray for the kids' hearts to be transformed through service, and for safety.
oh, and grant's birthday is tomorrow (november 7). send him an email or a facebook message. frankeg [at] ics [dot] com.

one more side note, Go Obama! :-D i know that he's not a messiah/savior/fixer of all evils in america, but i am excited to see what happens under his leadership.


Charles said...

I love the new picture on your blog!

Michelle said...

I am sad that you have yet to put up pictures =( Also, that you have not updated in awhile. It makes reading your blog to procrastinate very difficult. =)