Tuesday, November 10, 2009

thrillah in manila

that was the theme for this year's manila spirits - biggest asian tournament. i'm going to write this post in terms of wins and losses... because there were several!
*the women's final by 2 points
*a disc (but grant found it!)
*my teva sandals
*my sports bras and new shorts
*our mixed quarterfinals due to some sh***y calls by the other team. i could go into it in detail, but let's just say it was the worst spirit of the game i've ever played against!

*a lot of new friends from D-CUUP (our women's team from around China/Taiwan). here's a photo after the finals with Philippines. it's a bit small.

*more new friends on Ninja Cowboy Bear (my mixed team)
*a lot of games - 3 and 1 on Saturday for mixed, 2 and 1 on Friday for women's
*MVP for the women's tournament!! HUGE surprise actually...
*seeing tons of people from all over asia that i've met at other tournaments
*having a good dinner out with grant for his birthday
*good weather! only a tiny sprinkling of rain for a half hour

it was a FANTASTIC weekend. i've still got my fingers crossed that my clothes will come back to me. i gave up on the flip flops though :-(

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