Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"is there anybody out there?"

that was one of my favorite burlap to cashmere songs when i was in high school. i'm still not sure what the point of the song was entirely, but that's ok.

my point in quoting it is wondering if anyone follows us! i know that i'm bad at remembering to update, and grant's even worse, but it is definitely hard to be inspired when you're not sure if anyone's there.

regardless, our holidays were good. christmas eve was a beautiful evening of church services and dinner with friends and their family. our candlelight service at church was really amazing, and we had a group of friends join us. we got home and opened all our presents before we went to bed. i guess we are still little children!

christmas night, we flew to bangkok, en route to chiang mai where caroline becker was waiting for us! she'd come to hong kong for a few days, and then we met her and her friend in northern thailand. it was beautiful - clean air, mountains, warm days, cool evenings. i was really bummed to only stay for 3 days, and grant stayed for another 2 weeks after.

i spent new year's in kunming with our good friend anna - working on a service trip for april, playing ultimate, and generally relaxing. again - clean air, mountains, but no warm days! i think that's the coldest i've been in 2 years.

that's us in a nutshell. 2 weeks from now will be chinese new year, and we're headed to palawan, philippines - specifically, coron town on busuanga island. then, for my birthday, we're going to boracay for a tournament. i don't think i could celebrate my 25th birthday any better.


Anonymous said...

I still read your blog! Of course, you update so infrequently it's become harder to use it for procrastinating =)


Dana said...

I'm here!!! :) haha...I enjoy your sporadic updates, Kristin! And I agree, a 25th birthday couldn't be better spent than in Boracay...I was just saying to Jen and Maria that one year ago this week we were there...ahhh!!! hope all is well!

Anonymous said...

yes there is!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I wasn't out there before but digging through my old emails I found this link so I'll be there now!

By the way, I got your card, thanks so much!


Brett said...

I still check up on you and we're glad to hear you're doing great!


willson said...

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