Saturday, August 11, 2007

and back again...

we've got about 12 hours left in the states on this trip!

it's been a crazy week... lots of emotions, lots of ups and downs, but also some good times with family and friends. we've stayed up late a lot with people coming over to the house just to hang out. the memorial service went really well. close to 160 people came, many of whom grant had never met but who knew todd well. i even got to see my parents which was nice.

on the other side of the world, we've had some people who have been just wonderful to us - moving us out of the hotel, waiting for our mattress to be delivered, stocking our fridge, and just generally taking care of us with love and prayers. it's amazing how people show love even though they barely know us. we really did find a great community to be a part of - both ICS and union church.

as for me, i'm ready to get back, and GET SETTLED!!! to finish moving into our apartment, laying things out, setting them up, and then settling into a routine with work, life, etc. some regularity will be nice :-)


Billy said...

hey guys, I was at staff meetings when I found out about your dad (grant) from John and Caroline. I'm really sorry--I wish I could have gone to the funeral.

You guys have been in my prayers and I can't imagine who difficult/confusing/out of place everything must have been/still is with the death and the moving, and the wedding and everything.

You're in my prayers.

Charles in HK said...

Grant - very sorry to hear of your father's sudden passing. You and Kristin are in our prayers and we look forward to your return. Peace be with you and your family.