Monday, August 27, 2007

mobile phones are fun

i'm a fan of mobile phones here. first of all, the price is ridiculously cheap. i believe that grant's plan is about 20 dollars (US) per month. we had to pay most of that upfront as a "deposit" on his phone (which will come out to be free). so, we end up paying closer to 8 dollars a month, because of the rebate on the phone. nice stuff. and that's for about 2000 minutes.

and texting is free intra-network. which is awesome.

and they come with pretty sweet cameras. which is great when i forget to take my camera with me (quite often).

what i haven't learned is how to rotate the pictures, on my phone or on blogger... so turn your head.

in front of the IFC building while we were waiting for the bus to church.

in front of the ferry pier... again, waiting for the bus for church (it's a perpetual wait)

at a lookout tower in hong kong park. those cool looking buildings are the lippo buildings. i think lippo means legos in chinese (JK)

and this was the day i got my phone and we were practicing taking self photos. it was fun.

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Charles said...

Hi there... download Picasa for frre from Google and use that to rotate/fix-up pictures. Very easy!