Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a year already?

last week, grant and i took a 5 day trip to get away from rainy hong kong and to celebrate one year together! whoohoo!
the trip: good overall, with lots of hangups along the way that got sorted out. i'd show you pictures, but that was one of the hangups. while wading a bit deep in water, grant forgot his bag was in the ocean and carrying the camera. we'll get that one sorted out soon! the ocean was full of seaweed/algae, but the pools were beautiful at our hotel. lagoon shaped, flowers, waterfalls, shallow ledges you could lay on, etc. we spent a LOT of time by the side of the pool!
i've moved past my anti-seafood days. it started back in september with sushi, followed by my first trip to the philippines and tuna, and now i think i'm over it. though i still prefer chicken! for our anniversary dinner, we went to a seafood restaurant where they have the fish swimming around, you pick what you want, and they grill it for you. so delicious!

it's really hard to believe that it's been a full year since we got married, and only a few days short of a full year in hong kong. the weather is doing a good job reminding me of our arrival here - hot, hot, and more hot! i think that because we're always meeting new people and new friends, it seems like we've just become settled. perhaps that will keep on going the whole time we live here with the amount of transience in this city.

it's been a blessed year!

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Fr. Thomas Doyle said...

Since I did not get to congratulate you both the first time around, I will do so now on your first anniversary. Congratulations! May there be many more years. May Christ draw you closer together, just as you daily draw closer to Him.