Monday, February 21, 2011

our big weekend

On Friday night, after a big youth group night and the first night of Grant's teacher conference, we met up with some friends for karaoke. In Hong Kong, karaoke doesn't involve singing in front a whole bar of random people (and listening to all of those people sing poorly), but getting a private room with you friends to sing your hearts out to Total Eclipse of the Heart, Taylor Swift, Backstreet Boys, or (in Aaron's case) gangster rap. We were out with a group of people from our church small group, Kyle the youth intern, and a couple frisbee people. Karaoke breaks down barriers and everyone gets along drinking whisky and green tea (actually quite a good drink) and eating random snacks while singing as loudly as possible. We were there til 4 AM! Grant had to get up at 7:45 AM to get to his teacher conference. I'm not sure how he pulled that one off, except a whole lot of coffee!

I, meanwhile, slept in until 2 PM, ate lunch and had two friends come over to play xbox. To be more clear, the two boys wanted to play xbox, and I read a book while they shot Nazi zombies.
Grant got home; we went out for Indian food; and then we went to a farewell party for our two
favorite Brits - Michele and Stu (and part-Swiss, I must add). Stu and Michele have been in Hong Kong for almost the exact same length of time as us. We met them through frisbee, have celebrated Christmas Eve with them almost every year, and introduced them to their first American Thanksgiving. It appears that London will be on our upcoming travel itineraries!


Grant said...

it was an awesome weekend! thanks for updating kristin!

lily said...

jon-e will be sad that he didn't rank in your fav brits, but i think he'll understand...stu'd pretty hard to beat.