Tuesday, June 21, 2011

changes, changes

apparently, i update this blog about once every 4 months. a lot happens in a third of a year, so i apologize.

let's see, where did we leave off in the riveting story of the frankes? at last post, we'd just been out to an all night karaoke affair, a goodbye party for friends, and grant was waiting to hear back from a job he'd interviewed for (who had been holding him on the hook for 2 months).

since then, a short recap:
1) that job told grant no. jerks.
2) kristin went to a youth ministry conference in chicago
3) kristin agreed to stay at union church for at least one more year, and so did her intern-turned-coworker.
4) grant went to a teaching conference in kota kinabalu.
5) we played in the boracay beach tournament -- always a delight.
6) grant spoke to a student's parent about a job at their church
7) we went on a mission trip to the philippines with the union church kids
8) grant got the job at this other church as a junior high youth pastor
9) grant finished his last school year at ics.
10) we played the shanghai tournament.
12) we're ready for summer!!

until next time... hopefully we've told you most of this anyway, and i apologize for our delinquency in blogging.
for future reference, grant slightly-more-regularly blogs at: grantfranke.wordpress.com
and i blog once in awhile on borderline philosophical and theological matters at: kristinfranke.blogspot.com

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