Friday, June 13, 2008

the sullivans come to visit!

for those of you following along with our blog (and i'm not sure how many of you there are - leave a comment!), you may remember my dear friend joy from zionsville?
joy and i were interns together in 06-07 at zionsville pres. church, and we were, self-admittedly, pretty much each other's friend in town. (though we had a few other contacts, don't worry, we weren't that big of dorks!)

while joy and i were being great friends, we made our fiances tag along and become friends as well on the weekends. and oh how well it worked. a great scheme of ours, i believe.

well, these two lovely people - joy and chris- got married almost a year ago (yay congrats!), and we got married a month later and left for the other side of the world. they promised a visit out to us, and it actually was able to happen!

they got here last friday and stayed for a week, just leaving this morning. i'll put up pictures from our exploits in HK later (when i get the photos uploaded), but it was an awesome week of playing cards, going to the beach, seeing the tourist sights, and just being able to live life together for a week.

friends are a blessing from God. i'm thoroughly convinced of it, and this week was an amazing reminder of it. i remember a sermon that pastor glenn gave last year at zpc about friends. he talked about how God grants us 2 kinds of good friends: friends of the road and friends of the heart. friends of the road are those people that come into our life for a short time and are so incredibly important during that phase in our life: the friend from summer camp, the classmates who helped you through that tough course, or even a great acquaintance that comes into our life at one time. these people are incredibly valuable and important to us, if only for a season. and God uses them to touch our life in that moment. but then there are friends of the heart who last through all seasons of life. these are friends who we may grow apart in interests or career, but who remain "soul friends." thank God for those people as well!

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Charles said...

I am being an obedient friend and leaving a comment! I like the description of two types of friends... very appropriate and thanks for that!