Monday, June 23, 2008

frisbee my love

we spent this weekend in shanghai for a frisbee tournament.  sadly, we left the camera at home... it would have been awesome to capture a few moments.  our flight and hotel package was the best deal we could have imagined.  essentially the package cost the same amount as the flight would have cost on its own.  the hotel included in the package wasn't your run-down motel 6 either.  we're talking amazing, awesome, beautiful, huge breakfast buffet, hot tub and pool, mini spa changing rooms, etc.  not bad for basically free!  

the tournament was great too.  it's been raining a LOT in hong kong, so our practice fields have been mudpits (with a little bit of sewer stench), so it was a great change of pace to play on actual grass - cushy, a little slick with rain, and perfect for layouts!  

our team did alright in the end.  i think we got 5th?  we went 1-3 the first day (bummer), and 2-1 the second day (much better).  both grant and i felt ok about our play, but not great.  some games were really good for me, some really awful.  games where i could catch anything, and games where i dropped everything.  my favorite part was  our "honey score."  grant had the disc near the right side of the field, and i was wide open in the left corner of the endzone.  he totally faked out his defender for a beautiful backhand pass across the field to me.  :-D  yay!

the 2nd day was a lot more relaxed, fun, and silly.  lots of vipers, our captain finally got pantsed (after bragging about being "impregnable"), and some fun spirited teams to play.  between the semifinals and the finals, they held a women's exhibition game where any women from all the teams got together and played basically a pickup game of women only.  awesome!!  i'd love to play a bit more ladies' ultimate.

i love frisbee.

now we're getting ready for a mission trip to cambodia with our youth!  lots to do this week... 

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