Friday, June 6, 2008

we will rock you

Last night, Grant and I went to see We Will Rock You - the musical based on Queen's music. It was everything you could want in a musical: recognizable songs to sing along with, sensory overload in the scenery, costumes, dance numbers, clapping along with the actors during "We will rock you," singing to "We are the Champions," etc. Definitely a blast. We went with two of our frisbee friends, Stu and Michele, so that was good times as well.

Probably the best part was our seats. We bought the cheap tickets - 2nd floor gallery on the side, row L or something... We were moved to the lower floor, row S! Our ticket value went from HK350 to HK700 simply by showing the usher our ticket and being directed to the upgrade booth. :-D

The libretto of the musical was a lot of fun because there were SO many pop culture references - mostly mocking the boy bands, the girl bands, the pop stars, etc. Also, random lyrics from well-known songs thrown in: quotes from Queen (obviously), the Beatles, and more. They even did some tailored HK references a few times to Cantopop stars and places in HK. Added value for the audience.

If the show is ever anywhere near you, go see it!

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Charles said...

Is this something Tess & I should go see?