Monday, June 28, 2010

leaving on a jet plane

Kristin and I finished packing today. Before heading off to Europe for a month, we made The Office a priority in our lives and watched 4 episodes. Silly us!
*Kristin: This is a high priority, I needed my fix for a month!
Very stoked about the trip, but not about the plane ride. Decided to take Kristin up on the idea of limiting technology, ie my iphone, on the trip by deleting almost all my apps, especially the games. I'm sure it'll be surprisingly good in the end.
*Kristin: I think so too... I'm trying to avoid internet
Books: Today I began Robert Ludlum's The Janson Directive. Should be fun and thrilling.
Weird moment: Kristin witnessed a girl go into the men's room in the HK airport :)
-Air China = ghetto flight on a leased Air Macau plane
-Food on flight was surprisingly simple and good
-Chinese lady next to me bought a 1400 RMB belt
-Kristin and I had a lengthy conversation about our various faith statuses and faith crises.

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