Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heidelburg highlights

Went on a day trip to Heidelburg with Erin today. It's a beautiful little city with its own castle and restored stone bridge. We received the "regurgitated tour" from Erin, who went on a tour last week with her company.

History tidbits:
  • Biggest wine barrel in Germany (195,000 liters!)
  • Perkeo - a drunken wino jester that died when he was given a drink of water. We proceeded to eat at a restaurant named after him in his honor
  • Posed with a bronze monkey that points his butt at a tighta$$'s statue (Carl Theodore)
  • Walked along Germany's largest pedestrian street... that cars can drive on
  • The castle also has an archway supposedly built overnight for the queen's 19th birthday
  • One of the churches used to have a wall dividing it in the middle so Catholics and Protestants could share the building but not their company, or their beliefs in Jesus
*German girls are way taller and look more intimidating. Asian girls are extremely dainty in comparison. Also, though the average German is fatter, I applaud the amount of bikers peddling all over the city. Finally, all German public transportation is quieter than Hong Kong. It's on the verge of eerie or creepy, like I just walked onto the set of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

New TV show:
*Erin introduced us to Burn Notice. We're going to back to her place to rest and watch some more.
the scandalous bronze monkey
romantic archway for the queen's 19th birthday
this was the smaller barrel, not the 195,000 liter one!

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