Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To Germany!

Just spent a couple of hours in the Beijing Airport and watched Netherlands beat Slovakia in the World Cup, drank a beer, and played cribbage. Our next leg of the journey was darkly foreboding. With most gates available, the predominantly white person flight was corralled into a dark underground gate, and we had to take a bus to our plane. Racism? ;-)
However, the plane is fantastic compared to our first flight. I always enjoy the individual TVs on the backs of seats. Frankfurt, here we come.
I actually slept! It was a bit fitful, but better than usual.
Weird moment: Kristin used my toothbrush. She NEVER does that
*Kristin: Darn me for forgetting!! I've had to use it twice now.
Just got on the train and there's no room for luggage! However, the biggest surprise is how quiet the train ride is. To be fair, it's 6:30 AM, but it's still nothing compared to the noise of the AM rush in Hong Kong.
Note: Let Kristin stare at the trees while it's early
Theme Music: Wilco!!! :)
Met up with Erin Arndt, and she's kind enough to let us crash with her. She went to work while we promptly took to eating Haribo gummy bears. Between flying and our sugar crash, Kristin fell asleep on the couch while watching the Office. After waking, we went for a run around the town to exercise and explore. Currently, I'm sitting at the Bistro Saxophon in Weinheim.
First German food: Hausgemachter Wurstsalat mit Pommes and a Hefeweizen beer :)
(Translation: weird meat salad and fries)
Kristin had spaghetti and a Weinheimer Riesling. 1/2 German at least!
wurstsalat - yeah, worst salad indeed ;)

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