Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Art and Dining among the mafia

We woke later than usual, but it was much needed. After a light breakfast & my morning coffee perk, we made our way to the metro and journeyed to the Galleria Borghese. Unfortunately, I left our reservation sheet at the hostel. Fortunately, a guy wearing a motorcycle helmet with an iPhone (go apple!) let us access our email and show the ticket lady the necessary info. Whew!
Galleria Borghese
AMAZING! Perhaps one of the best museums I've been inside & had the pleasure of viewing. I was especially thrilled to see Bernini's sculptures of marble. The detail was incredibly intricate. Other artists I saw included:
  • Caravaggio
  • Rafael
  • Titian
  • Cannova
  • Rubens
The museum was definitely worth a visit and the 11.50 Euro ticket!
Outside Galleria Borghese
We walked to another "Ryan Balch" suggestion for lunch, located on 35 Via del Orso, called L'Orso 80. Apparently, the restaurant is famous with movie stars & celebrities, both past and present. For example, Julia Roberts just finished filming part of Love, Eat, Pray at L'Orso 80 for 24 days. Also, Italy's president, Sylvia Berluscani, ate there. Finally, some hot Italian chick named Angela Cavagna had a framed, signed, risque photo on the wall. Needless to say, we ate like Roman emperors, gorging ourselves on 16 heaping portions of various antipastos. It was perhaps one of the most filling and savory meals yet! As a final note about L'Orso 80, we feel like it might have connections to the Italian mafia.
The celebrity and mafia hangout
The hot Italian chick
16 dishes of antipasto goodness

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed. First, McDonalds treated us to its 3rd floor lounge chairs, where we took a nap in the sun. Afterwards, we went on to see the magnificent Fontana di Trevi. We tried to play cards for a short time, but the police told us that fun is not allowed near the fountain. Our final trying activity was hanging out on the Spanish steps (where fun is allowed), just watching people and playing card games. The sunset was beautiful, and we watched it from the topmost stairs overlooking the whole countryside.
Fontana di Trevi
Chillin' on the Spanish steps
Sunset view from the Spanish steps

Somehow, Kristin and Lily were still hungry, so we set off for another pasta place. We drank a lot of wine, including the complimentary glass of the "secret/sexy" wine, which had a strong strawberry flavor. After another round of playing Rage, we set our sights on bed and went home.
Our dinner hang out
One Note: we discovered a shop that sells all sorts of uniquely shaped or themed pasta. One was labeled "sexy pasta," and they were all in the shape of penises. Whoa.

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