Sunday, July 11, 2010

The 5 story club

Last night we capped off the world's tournament with a trip to the 5-level club in downtown Prague. We arrived around 11:30 to see a huge line littered with disc players. Thankfully, dress code was not an issue, and the line moved at a rapid pace. Inside the Karlovy Lazne (5-level) Club were 5 different floors of music and aesthetic appeal. Descriptions are as follows:
  • Level 1: Radio mix floor. Came with its own pole dancer
  • Level 2: House music to the extreme. Featured strobes, smoke, and eye lasers emitting from a nude statue. Oh, and black lights too
  • Level 3: Oldies/disco music. Definitely the gay floor. Literally, we walked in on people getting down to "It's Raining Men"
  • Level 4: I quote, "The Black Music Floor." Basically, top 40 R&B (i.e. Black Eyed Peas). Most disc players were crammed onto that floor
  • Level 5: Chill floor with a DJ. It was mainly designed to drink, talk, and chill on couches
NOTE about level 3: Strangely, this floor also had a pole dancer that was clearly not for the gay couples. In our brief moment in the room, the dancer not-so-casually checked her watch. Wow.

Overall, it was a fun night... probably one of the best club experiences I've had yet.

Today we're traveling to Vienna via train with Jon Cater and Lily Huang. It should be a fun wee with them!
on the st. charles bridge
the 5 story club was not far from here

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Solar Chargers said...

now a days disco and fairy lights become 'a must have' for every fun lover.