Friday, July 23, 2010

Tower of Mr. Eiffel

A. Recoup from our previous night out

B. Hearty "breakfast" at noon

C. Eiffel Tower! :)

Eiffel Tower as viewed through the "peace" wall
  • We went to the summit and relished in the breathtaking views of the city. When we left our flat it was sunny & warm. However, a brief storm blew in & dropped the temp drastically just before our ascent. We managed to still enjoy everything, & I liked it when Kristin was able to point out various sites around Paris.
Kristin is strong...

...but Grant is stronger

Trocadero - as viewed from the top

D. Traipsing around the city. Much of it in the Saint Germain district

We tossed a disc in this park for awhile

E. Delicious crepes, cold beer, & wine

A ham, cheese, and egg crepe - so tasty!

F. More walking
We walked all the way to Hong Kong

G. A chill night back at the apartment. We ate snacks, drank champagne (courtesy of our landlord!), & played card games. We taught Donna to play Rage, while she introduced us to a card game called "Shithead." I was the shithead for 3 of the first 4 games we played.

We love Donna!

H. Bed. Yay!

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