Monday, July 12, 2010

A typical Vienna day

We've been touring around the inner ring today, and here's a rough itinerary.
  1. Breakfast of pastries & coffee. Lily found a candied and glazed mosquito on hers :(
  2. We found the Der Anker clock. Came back at noon to watch the procession of political and other famous people while various genres of organ music, representing the figure's respective era, played in the background
  3. Explored the Stephensdom Church. Climbed 343 spiral stairs to the top & experienced glorious views of Vienna
  4. Bought tickets to a full on orchestra concert featuring Mozart. The ticket sellers were even dressed up in period costumes
  5. Saw a yellow Lotus
  6. Found a cafe and tasted a delicious drink (fruchtsirup) - like a milkshake, but not
  7. Viennese food at the Esterhauzy-Keller & sampled some delicious wine
  8. Mu Mok Modern Art Museum... random stuff! Favorite displays were the light exhibit & and the car exhibit. Worst things I saw: a single brick on display & empty plexiglass mounted on the wall. The museum was weird, but occasionally fun
  9. Trip to Billa grocery
  10. Mozart concert at the Konzerthaus, conveniently located next to the sand volleyball beer garden - where the real party was at
  11. Home-cooked dinner of pasta, watermelon, & red wine
jon made me do this
the church in central Vienna
jon cater & lily huang
we climbed to the top of this - 343 stairs!
modern art with a hottie
disco car
mozart - in costume

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