Friday, July 2, 2010

the long long long walk

What a crazy day! We're staying with the Princiottas at a US military hotel called Edelweiss. It's beautiful. Last night we went out to eat in the quaint German ski town, and I had an ostrich burger and Weissbier. We walked back to Edelweiss and had more drinks and finished watching a world cup game. Anyway on to today!

The hike...
*We set off at 9:30 on a near-perilous journey for our feet
*Saw an old bobsled course used from 1910-1960, including in the 1936 Winter Olympics...4 people died from the course!
*Trekked through a BMW motorcycle - the bikers are much less intimidating than US Harley riders.
*Continued to the gorge sandwiched in the Alps - It was powerful, exotic, and dazzlingly blue.
*The gorge and river visit could also include a horse and carriage ride or a cable car trip to the top. But we did neither.
*Time: 9:30 AM til 5 PM
*Distance: Mostly unknown. After discussing this with Kristin, our best guess is at least 15 miles. Whoa.

We concluded our journey with a trip to the hotel hot tub and sipped on beers. We went out to dinner again, ate superbly on more typical German food, and then retreated to watch a legendary World Cup match.

Ghana vs. Uruguay:
1st Half: Ghana 1-Uruguay 0
2nd Half: 1-1
Overtime: 1-1
Final minute: Mysterious free kick awarded to Ghana results in multiple shots on goal. Uruguay defender (Suares) handball blocks a shot on goal and receives a red card. Ghana takes the ensuing PK and totally misses, hitting the crossbar!
Penalty Kicks: Uruguay keeper stops 2 PK's
Final: Uruguay miraculously wins, moving into the semi finals. Unbelievable ending to the match. Tragic for Ghana. Africa is out of the World Cup.

Good night!
The German Alps
We met horses on the long walk
The Gorge

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