Thursday, July 15, 2010

gelato with the doges

We wandered around Venice, getting lost/exploring.
  1. Gelato = yummy, yummy!
  2. Basilica du San Marco - free, beautiful, girls used red napkin/cloths to cover shoulders
  3. More gelato
  4. 2 Euro bottle of wine
  5. Euchre in the park. Local drunk watches nearby while singing for us
  6. Doge's Palace...
  • not free unfortunately
  • audio guide was a rip off
  • doges tended to have little ruling power and were basically under house arrest unless they could gather their 6-man posse
  • most of the decorations were absolutely beautiful. However, most were not original to the rooms except for the fire places
  • venetian aristocracy = a "system of self-celebration"
  • palace also included a prison. The prisoners' final glimpse of freedom took place through the windows of the "bridge of sighs"
  • boasts the largest horizontal painting/portrait in the world
  • one doge committed treason & his portrait has a black cloth covering it. Also, all history of him was supposedly erased to help people forget him
the bridge of sighs - under renovation
view from the bridge of sighs
listening to the crappy audio guide
in front of the doges palace
basilica du san marco
gelato cone
gelato for the cone
lots of cheap, delicious italian wine
the gandalas - cost 100 euros per hour. yikes!

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