Friday, July 16, 2010

glass blowing on murano

Murano Island

Lots of handmade and blown glass. It was a lazy day of strolling, browsing amongst the stores, eating gelato, playing cards, & checking out the glass museum. The museum told us about the process of glass-making and housed examples from as early as the 1st century. However, it seems the heyday of beautiful pieces came from the 18th century, all starting with Guiseppi Brianti. Unfortunately, the day was blistering hot, and the museum was the equivalent of a glass kiln. We retired to a nearby cafe with A/C and played Rage for an hour or two.

We eventually caught a boat back to Venice and then our hotel for an early evening. Just before we fell asleep, we decided we needed pizza. Fortunately, the hotel restaurant was able to provide us with 2 such pizzas for only 10 Euros, and it only took 5 MINUTES to prepare. No joke!

Rage, the card game of aggression and fun
outside the glass museum on murano island
a glass spider
glass fish in a glass bowl with glass bubbles = skill
door to a glass showroom on murano island

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Anonymous said...

Love love love the bog:) hehe.
Not sure about Rage though! Nah I can't get enough of that angry game.