Sunday, July 25, 2010

Donna's last day

Can you imagine listening to the accordian EVERY day?!

It was a lazy last day. We slept in again and then went to breakfast down the road at a 83 Rue de Crimee. Boulangerie por Veronique Mauclerc is one of only 4 bakeries left in Paris that uses wood-fire kilns to bake its bread. Their brunch meals were astounding - in both taste and size!
  • chocolate bread to start
  • heaping portions of 3 types of bread (fruit, pistachio, & poppyseed) with butter and jam
  • quiche
  • coffee, tea, & juice
  • more chocolate for dessert
  • 12 Euros
Wow. It was far more than we could eat. So we took the leftovers and gave it to a beggar on the train.
The metro does weird things to people

Tour de France
We're in France & the last leg of the race is passing through the heart of Paris. Why not go? It seemed like a good idea in the beginning, but sometimes the best intentions just don't turn out well. Here's a short list of what went wrong...
  • Super crowded, but to be expected
  • We found a good spot, but it took an hour to get there due to police and blockades
  • We found beer, but it cost 8 Euros a pint
  • The parade that started out well, turned into the lamest parade ever
  • The racers were 2 hours late
  • Turns out that the race is already over by the time the bikers get into Paris - i.e. the Tour de France in the city limits is just for show
Since the race and event was generally sucking, Kristin and I left to visit the Museum of Orsay.

Note the chair

Museum of Orsay
It's the funky museum that took all the pieces of art that the Louvre rejected. It's strange that it didn't take certain items. For example, Van Gogh was left out. As well as the statues and paintings of Degas. Crazy Louvre people.

"I must be sooo cool"

Donna met us afterwards & we went for pizza and crepes at a quaint, local cafe. We amused ourselves for the rest of the night playing cards and talking.

"Donna, thanks for hanging out!"

Note the restaurant... it was also on the "donna" street

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