Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lido beach and leaving Venice

Last day in Venice, concluding the especially lazy portion of our trip. Fittingly, we made an excursion to Lido Island, which houses Venice's only beaches. It was amazing that the water was fairly clean considering the heavy boat traffic everywhere else.

Lido highlights and details:
  • soft, black sand
  • plenty of beach
  • free! :)
  • we played a disc game in the water called "flutter guts" and learned that I'm a ninja at the game, easily winning 3 in-a-row, regardless of the partner I had
  • people watching was quite interesting - people of all sorts, including a wide range of topless women (though 75% were large, older, and extremely tan)
After a shorter time than desired, we trekked back to Venice and the train station. While there, 3 sad things happened:
  1. Our stored bags cost the 6 hour rate even though they were stored 5 hours and 4 minutes
  2. No gelato at the train station
  3. We had to say goodbye to Jonny, whom has to return to work :(
Few entertaining things have happened on the train with the exception of seat swapping due to so many people either not checking their tickets or stealing better seats (which we also attempted to do and succeeded at for the first 90 minutes of the ride).
A glass monument
The handmade masks of Venice - we bought a magnet version

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