Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Today is our 3rd anniversary... Yay!!!

Most of our anniversary was spent traveling to Venice, but we made the most of it - reading, playing games, chatting, & catching up on sleep.

Hotel Paladio
It was difficult to find, but mostly because of Jon and me. (i.e. we got off the bus much too early and walked the wrong direction.) Eventually, we arrive to find:
  • Clean and tidy room
  • A/C, but weak
  • 4 single beds, but we can push them together
Our first views of it are glorious! It's beautiful, packed with people, and fascinating. There's really nothing like it. We had a delicious Italian dinner to celebrate not only our anniversary, but also Lily's 26th birthday. Cost of a bottle of wine IN the restaurant: only 7 Euros

anniversary dinner
anniversary roses
a typical venitian canal

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